Character Sheet Template

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Character Sheet Template

Post by Anubis on Wed Aug 26, 2015 3:05 am

Name: Your Full Name

Nick-Names: Don't Like Your Name? Get a Nick-Name!

Age: In Human Years

Appearance: Hair, height, eyes, scars, tattoos, etc.


Fears and/or Weaknesses: At Least One


Fur: Color, Patterns, Length

Eyes: One or Two Colors

Species: Just Don't Go Overboard

Abilities: Keep it Limited! No One Likes God-Modders.

Weapons: Maximum of Three

Personality: Give a Good Description

Mate or Crush: You Know, Optional.

Sexual Preference: One Way or Another

Rank: Don't Know? Ask an Admin or Alpha!

Picture Reference: Optional.

Have Any Questions? Don't be Afraid to Ask!

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