Filled Out Forms!

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Filled Out Forms!

Post by Anubis on Wed Aug 26, 2015 3:09 am

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Re: Filled Out Forms!

Post by StellaWolfe on Fri Dec 25, 2015 7:24 am

Name - Stella

Gender - Female

Age (Human years)  - 20

Rank: Beta Wolf to Nameless Fear.

Roles: Peacekeeper, Greeter, Warrior & Guardian

Appearance -  Normal Stella: Brown hair, blue eyes, 5'2 in height, long nails, cuts on arms/wrists.

Angry Stella (Sarah): Black hair, red eyes, 5'2 in height, long sharp nails, sharp fangs, scars everywhere.

Clothing -
Outfit #1: Black leather jacket with studs ironed on for design, White cami, Black shorts and black biker boots with studs for design and a small silver and gold cross.

Outfit #2: Grey hoodie sweater unzipped, white/Grey dress and dark grey flats.

Fears and/or Weaknesses -
Fear: Being alone
Weakness: stories of abuse/bullying/suicide
Fear: Loosing someone I love
Weakness: knowing when someone is suffering
Fear: Failing
Weakness: When someone uses a part of my last to hurt me

Personality - Stella is usually caring and loving. She loves to observe and write. She can usually be found someplace in the woods.  Stella is stubborn but over -protevtive. Stella is a good listener and likes to give out advice to help others. However she does get upset easily and doesn't take too kindly on threats or seeing fights, bullying, or unauthorized negative behavior.  When pissed off her inner demon name "Sarah" comes out. "Sarah" Hates everybody and wants to kill them.

Species -
Grey Wolf- Human-Demon  Hybrid

Abilities -
Ability to use her elements(Fire, water, spirit and earth)to help her. 
Ability to shape shift in and out of her wolf form.
Ability to transport herself to a location with ease.
Ability to speak telepathically to other members if in wolf form and send "flash vibes" .

Weapons -
1 set of thigh swords and 1 set of Butterfly knives and one  set of knuckle knives.

Armor - No Armour On Character.

Relationship Status -

Orientation - Straight


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Re: Filled Out Forms!

Post by Anubis on Mon Dec 28, 2015 7:35 pm

( User - RecklessAtelophobe )

Name - Ash

Rank - Beta

Gender - Female

Age - Fifteen

Appearance - Ash stands at five-feet tall, she has long red hair along with deep brown eyes. They change their shade based on what 'form' she's in. A scar formed next to her eye while afflicted by an accident that occurred during her childhood. Though it's only visible in certain lighting. She has no tattoos, but desires them.
Human - Brown Eyes
Vampire - Red Eyes
Fallen Angel - Faded Red Eyes
Witch - Blue Eyes
Spirit - Yellow Eyes

Clothing - Ash wears a variety of different clothing. Her usual clothing consists of black combat boots, skinny jeans, and a red or white tank-top. On colder days, she wears a dark hoodie over her shirt.

Fears and Weaknesses - Ash tends to act fearless, although everyone has a breaking point. Ash is actually afraid of some things that are considered childish, such as the dark and storms. However she also fears being alone and losing those she cares for. Her weaknesses include those close to her and her family. She'd do anything to avoid seeing them hurt.

Personality - Ash is a bubbly, outgoing, and fun-loving person. She loves to mess around and puts smiles of peoples faces. But get on her bad side and she becomes an unforgiving nightmare. Ash is short tempered and quick to resort to violence. Ash is either really nice or really mean, there is no in between.

Species - Ash is a hybrid consisting of vampire, dire wolf, along with some fallen angel. She has traces of witch and some spirit-like attributes.

Abilities - Ash has quite a few abilities due to her diverse species. She has elemental control while also having some witch powers. She also has gained the ability to travel into the Spirit World.

Weapons - Ash carries a dagger that is usually tucked away into her boot. Though she also carries a summonable sword around for when situations get intense.

Relationship Status - Single

Orientation - White

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Re: Filled Out Forms!

Post by Anubis on Mon Dec 28, 2015 8:00 pm

( User - ALittleUndertaker )

Name - Alice Quinn

Rank - Beta

Nick-Names - Most commonly known as Anubis.

Age - Twenty

Appearance - Anubis is a moderate height, standing at five-foot six.
Her skin is pale, but not 'I've never seen the light', pale. Her hair
reaches just below her shoulder-blades and is either laid loose or
is tied back into a ponytail. Unknown to most of her pack-mates,
there are numerous tattoos along her back spiraling in a tribal
fashion. Her facial structure is made up of higher cheek bones and
a longer face, her nose is sharp in shape.

Clothing - Anubis wears whatever is deemed comfortable. She likes
to keep up appearances, but not in a scandalous or snobbish way.
To say it in short, she like to dress formally. She'll spend days inside
or out with a comfortably soft sweater along with a scarf of almost
any color. Skirts seem to be a weakness for her, and she wears them
quite often. Due to her somewhat recent ability to see, she has taken
to wearing black-rimmed glasses until her vision is adjusted.

Fears and/or Weaknesses

Anubis fears for her fellow pack-mates. Due to may tragedies,
she only wants the best for them. In that way she's almost motherly.
This is also a weakness of hers. She dislikes violence and will do almost
anything to avoid conflict. This has left her with a disability to kill.
She would have to be driven off the edge in order to resort to this
method. Though this doesn't prevent her from sparing or protecting
the territory she has been invited to. As a Beta, she will protect and
provide as she sees fit.

Gender - Female

Fur - As depicted in the picture, Anubis has longer black fur that
has hints of white along the face and underbelly.

Eyes - While blind, they were a solid white. Though due to being
cured, she has decipherable irises. While they are still nearly
white, they can be noticed.

Species - Undead


Necromance - Initially Undead, Anubis still has close relations to
the dead or dying. While she hates and almost always refuses,
she can temporarily bring them to life. Though by doing this, she
loses more and more of her humanity.

Acrobatics - Due to previous training, she finds herself quite flexible
and has a great supply of stamina along with dexterity. While she
sometimes engages it into battle, she rarely uses it otherwise. Though
she still trains in order to keep sharp.

Weapons - X

Personality - Anubis is usually a kind-hearted woman. She is loving
and almost motherly. When her pack-mates are struggling, she's more
than willing to give them company or advice. When someone is deemed
traitorous, she fails to condemn them most of the time. Whether this
makes her naive or not, she'll den. She just has a tendency to give
people the benefit of the doubt. Though once you make an enemy of her,
she'll throw you into the darkness where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.
When it comes to romance, she's a strange character. She doesn't feel
such emotion with great passion and she never seems to want to settle
down or accept mateship. It isn't that she doesn't want a family, because
she loves the idea. She just seems skittish about the ordeal considering her past relations.

Mate or Crush - X

Sexual Preference - X

Click for Images:

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Re: Filled Out Forms!

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